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Praised for our routine service

When we install a new garage door, we always advise our customers to call us back for routine checks. We know from experience that garage doors last much longer and problems are eliminated with maintenance service. Mr. Lee called to make an appointment for garage door maintenance. He wasn't a client up to this moment and we hadn't installed his door. Though, he said that we were recommended by one of his friends. When we visit a new customer, we like to look a little closer at his garage door in order to see its weaknesses. We also like to talk to our customers in order to understand when garage door parts were last replaced, so that we would have a full picture of the system.

As far as our actual maintenance service was concerned, we proceeded as always. We inspected every little component and did the usual: lubrication maintenance, repairs, adjustments, tightening of all nuts and screws. We checked all garage door opener parts with great attention and even replaced the batteries of the clicker and the bulbs. We like to pay attention to such details as a dead battery can be quite troublesome to our customer. As an overall, we tried to be as thorough as we usually are, and not because Mr. Lee was a new client.

We Exhaust Our Expert Knowledge in Services to Ensure Garage Door Safety

We know well that our good work today will save money and hassle from our clients tomorrow. Some may say that this is not to our advantage since we would like to gain from our clients' problems by offering repair services. This is not exactly the case – at least not in our company. We would definitely gain more if we would be called for more garage door repair services but we don't want our customers to feel unsafe in their own home. Every technician joining our team is a good person first, and then a professional. A trade can be taught, while being a good person is a matter of character.

So, we finished our work at Mr. Lee's house and left. About a month later, he called us back. He said that he only called to thank us for our good work. He wanted to see the results of our work in due time and he was extremely pleased. This phone call didn't just make us happy for having one more client at our company but it mostly made us happy because it confirmed and praised our efforts.

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Case Story | Praised for our routine service